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Hall and Classroom
St. John's School

3,150 sq ft new development

Completed within 9 months

Main Contractor -
Laing Construction Limited

"We appointed Paul Jones Architects for the new hall project on the basis of their ability to complete the very difficult task of refurbishing the existing Victorian school, which they completed both to budget and to programme. The problem with the hall, kitchen and changing room facilities was that we wanted more than we could afford. We also had the problem of building next to existing houses, and the project had to be completed during term time. We have very nicely designed hall, kitchen and changing rooms, all of which gives a splendid indictment to Paul Jones Architects ability to design and supervise a project to severe budget constraints and to meet the programme."

Cameron Freeman
Chairman of the Governors
St. John's School

New Sports Facilities
University of Sussex

8,750 sq ft development
to provide multi-purpose
sports hall, swimming pool
and associated facilities

Completed within 9 months

Main contractor -
Paris Construction Limited

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