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Shops, Restaurant
& Public House
High Street, Camberley

43,000 sq ft
mixed use development

Main contract -
Wates Construction Limited

18 month contract duration

""The local authority insisted that we design an attractive corner element to the scheme from whence everything evolved. Paul Jones Architects are to be congratulated on a brilliantly designed scheme which, together with their ability to run a project of this complexity to both budget and programme, is service which we have never been fortunate enough to have had prior to this project."

Mr Ian Garroud
Allied Lyon Limited

Supermarket & Shops
Westbrook Centre

Supermarket &
mixed retail development

Main contractor -
Brazier Construction Limited

Completed within 12 months

"Paul  Jones Architects attention to detail is second to none. Their use of materials in conjunction with the various forms completed this well thought out design in a Lutynes style, for which we have received numerous comments of congratulations from the public.

The scheme was completed to programme and budget, which in our mind are both very important factors in the development field. Thank you very much indeed Paul Jones Architects for a superbly designed and built project".

Ian Sedgley
Managing Director
Brazier Securities Limited

Co-op Supermarket
Clanfield, Portsmouth

12 month contract duration

935 sq m
supermarket development

Main contractor -
Louis Thompson Limited

"From the outset I knew the difficulties and constraints that Paul Jones Architects would encounter in designing a supermarket with an attached Doctor's surgery, primarily because I am an Architect myself.

I am personally delighted with the end result. The Practice of Paul Jones Architects are to be congratulated for the quality of design and their management of this project".

Marcus Pegg
Architect & Property Manager
Portsea Island Co-Operative Society

A R Veal & Sons Ltd
Sholing, Southampton

40,000 sq ft wholesale
warehouse and office building

Our Portsmouth Road site was a disaster until we were introduced to Paul Jones Architects. They designed the unit that we wanted and negotiated a planning consent for the site. We instructed them to proceed with the working drawings prior to obtaining planning consent. Upon completion of these we asked if they could actually build the unit for us. After initial reluctance all the insurers were put in place and the construction proceeded. The finished project is something we will always be proud of. The quality of construction was maintained throughout the contract.

We were extremely pleased with our architects for the standards and professionalism that they brought to the project and particularly for the understanding of construction details and financial matters. We have no hesitation in recommending Paul Jones Architects to any prospective client.

The Late Alan Veal
A R Veal & Sons Ltd

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